Sanaa means art in Swahili language and Afrika sanaa recognizes the influence of art in the African traditional culture.

Jora communtiy tour

Visit Jora village and experience the Taita culture and history. Jora village is located next to Mt Kasigau. Mt. Kasigau is the most northeastern mountain in the Eastern Arc which is a chain of mountains found in Kenya and Tanzania. Activities include basket weaving, hiking and nature walks, bird watching, taita culture and history.

Karung’e community tour

Visit Karung’e village and experience the Agikuyu culture and history. Karung’e village is located in the region of Mt Kenya and Aberdare ranges. Activities include Agikuyu culture and history, coffee and tea walks, bird watching and fishing.

Bogambero community tour

Visit Bogambero village and experience the Kuria culture and history. Bogambero village is located south west of Kenya at the border of Kenya and Tanzania. Activities include Kuria culture and history, home visits

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