Afrika Sanaa Bird Watching

Kenya hosts total of 1132 species, of which seven are endemic. Kenya is one of Africa’s key birding destinations. Afrikasanaa offers scheduled and customized small group birding tours with maximum time in the field.Continue reading

Africa Sanaa in Art and Environment

This is an eco-educational program inspired by a passion for tropical Kenyan environment, history, art and culture and a desire to share its richness with young people. It entails planting trees, art and photography exchange as well as cultural and educational tours. Continue reading

Africa Sanaa cultural tours

Cultural tours

Community-based tourism is a form of sustainable tourism that takes environmental, social and cultural sustainability into account.  It allows tourists to connect closely to the local community and gives visitors an authentic experience while ensuring full involvement of the community in the tourism process.Continue reading

Africa Sanaa Tourism

We are tour operator providing unforgettable eco travel experience in Kenya. We are dedicated to providing quality responsible tourism. We offer tailor made packages that meets the client’s needs. We design our tours with your comfort and enjoyment as our highest priority. We are an owner operated company that provide personalized service and the knowledge of Kenya’s natural ecology that only a local company can offer. We are passionate about bird watching, conservation and sharing Kenya’s rich wildlife and habitats with others.

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